Museum and Institutional Centre in Madinat Al-Zahra


2011 EN BLANCO 7_Museum Madinat Al-ZahraThere is an architecture that owes itselft to a metaphor: it agrees with a concept that if not explained literally, makes it easier to understand. This is what happens with the Museum and Institutional Centre in Madinat Al-Zahra (1998-2008) by Fuensanta Nieto and Enrique Sobejano. Already in the memorandum of the competition, the architects proposed the metaphor of the archaelogical excavation: they are not inspired to construct a building but to discover it, with luck, underground. Like the palace-city ruin, their project wants to be a discovery: they are not trying to build it; they are on the way to encounter it, intepreting the traces of time on the site.

“Museo y Sede Institucional en Medina Azahara / Museum and Institutional Centre in Madinat Al-Zahra,” with Carla Sentieri Omarrementería. En Blanco 7 (2011): 56-58.

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